Lito ide mala
Pizza day every day!
My grandfather.
Best thing I’ve seen this month.
Maev and Sunniva just came back from Bologna and got me this nice lemon!!
Dođite sutra u HDD na otvorenje izložbe plakata za Vizkulturino Plakatiranje!
Od 56 plakata jedan je i moj <3!!
Bookbinding leftovers!
Vila Propuh
Greenhouse field trip w/ @gulliva @cdackenberg @mlenaghan <3 (at Edvard Andersson Växthus)
This is my sister from the time when we tried to find this perfect beach from our childhood, but we didn’t find it.
Poster I made for Vizkultura's project 'Plakatiranje’. It’s me at my desk at Konstfack, Stockholm, talking to my friend Leila who is in Zagreb. Zagreb is pretty depressing right now.
Info (in Croatian) here.
Thanks to Ivan Dorotić for inviting me to do this!
Desk at Konstack!